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About Coaching

If coaching is a journey of partnership and possibility, where and how does that journey begin? In my view, coaching begins with the commitment to enter into partnership to transform possibilities into reality. The very term coaching has become almost trendy these days, yet it can mean different things to different people. To help you think about how working with a coach can help you realize your own possibilities, see my Fact Sheet About Coaching for a brief overview about coaching and how coaching compares to other professional services. Also, please refer to my Services page to learn about the services I can offer to you.

Though there are many different kinds of professional coaching, including coaching in the field of sports, there are two major categories—personal coaching and business coaching.  Personal coaching, also known as life coaching, is designed to help people accomplish their personal goals, make life transitions, and grow personally. Business coaching— also referred to as executive coaching, leadership coaching, team coaching, and management coaching— is employed to help individuals and organizations identify and achieve their professional and business goals. Personal and business coaching may use similar approaches and techniques, yet they differ primarily in the populations served and in the kind of problems most commonly encountered.

Whenever individuals decide to take the lead in improving their own lives or handling their personal or professional responsibilities, that decision requires leadership. Thus, I prefer the term leadership coaching to describe my work with clients, whether the issues are personal or professional. Leadership coaching helps individuals address their dilemmas, harness their deepest values in support of important goals, and achieve results that matter.  Often, the coach can help the client achieve his or her goals, visions, and plans faster than could be accomplished otherwise.

The partnership relationship we create together will be designed to help you imagine possibilities, create actions that produce results, improve performance, and enhance the quality of your life. As a certified coach, I am trained to listen, to observe, and to customize my approach to your individual needs. As your coach, I will provide support and encouragement to enhance and foster the skills, resourcefulness, and creativity you already possess.


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