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Coaching in Organizations

Does your organization seek to harness the passion, motivation, and sense of purpose of each individual in support of your company’s vision? If so, offer your employees the privilege of receiving a  personally customized  professional development experience through a coaching partnership that aligns  individual purpose with organizational mission and values.

Do you want an experienced and knowledgeable partner to help you identify and address the learning needs of your key staff? If so, consider coaching to help you and your staff personalize the learning and respond with authenticity to the challenges your company faces.

Are your company’s goals and strategic vision fully embraced by every employee? If not, consider how JBA Coaching Services can help your teams align their actions to organizational purpose, strengthen trust and communication, and leverage personal passions to public mission. Customized coaching services include:
    * individual coaching sessions with executives, managers, and leaders of your company’s business units and teams;
    * individual coaching sessions with team members; and
    * assessments, surveys, and interviews with staff and stakeholders.

Contact Janet to discuss your company’s needs and to explore how JBA Coaching Services can help you. Janet not only engages personally in individual coaching relationships but also partners with capable and highly experienced colleagues to provide comprehensive solutions for your organization’s coaching needs.

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