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The Coaching Conversation

You may be wondering, “How is talking to a coach different from talking to your best friend?” Conversations with a friend, which can range from the sublime to the trivial, are characterized by language, judgments, feelings, and concerns as varied as is the nature of friendship itself. Conversations with a coach, on the other hand, are focused on what is most important to you, the client. They are characterized by focused attention intended to foster your self-awareness, self-knowledge, and commitment to actions for positive change. 

As a professional coach, I am trained to be fully present and completely focused on you and your goals. Our conversations will be guided by your agenda and needs. They will illuminate and build on your strengths and clarify your immediate and longer-term objectives. For example, a nagging concern in the back of your mind may be sapping your energy, leading you to feel “stuck in neutral.” A coach’s simple but skillful questions about where you are directing your time and energy, or observations about your demeanor and body language, may enable you to see the hidden costs of such concerns, and to recognize the benefits of dealing with them more consciously.           



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