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Leadership Coaching

The greatest gift of leadership is the ability to grow, develop, motivate, and direct human talents and capabilities in service of a worthwhile vision. Are you in a position of leadership—in your own business, in your organization, or in your personal life? If so, coaching can enhance your performance and clarify your goals by creating greater awareness of your actions and their impacts—on you, your family, your staff and colleagues, your stakeholders, and society. An experienced coach can help you focus on key areas of personal mastery—such as vision, self-awareness, self-care, and authenticity—as well as key areas of personal and organizational impact—such as alignment of effort to vision, effective communication, and leadership and staff development. As a person outside the chain of command, I will focus on your needs and your agenda, while providing you with an honest and independent perspective.

Leadership coaching is for individuals who are committed to self improvement and motivated to invest the time, energy, and financial resources necessary to develop themselves, foster the effectiveness of their staff and team members, and develop their organizations to achieve important goals.  I provide one-on-one leadership coaching to business leaders, executives, and members of leadership teams at their place of business or by teleconference. A coaching engagement typically includes a series of in-person meetings, supplemented by conference calls and email, over the course of several months.

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