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Why Individuals Need a Coach

Have you noticed that the most competent and organized people often are the ones asked to do the most?  Managing a busy life can be daunting, regardless of one’s competence. For example:

    *If your life feels increasingly on a treadmill, the result can be dissatisfaction, disconnection, and even illness. A coach can help you take the steps you need to gain perspective, avoid overload, practice self-care, and maintain your balance.

    *Deciding among competing priorities can obscure a clear plan of action. A coach can help you gain direction.

    *You may be benefit from the structure and focus that a coaching relationship can provide if you are taking on a new project or initiative in the midst of an already demanding life.

    * Creating a new life direction can feel isolating. A good coach is there to help you see the task through, to help you rebound from setbacks, and rejoice in achievements.

Contact Janet to arrange for an introductory session so you can evaluate how individual coaching might enhance your personal and professional life.

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