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Janet's Story

Like most of you, my life has included many transitions, personal and professional. In my personal life, I’ve transitioned from wife and mother to single parent; from single mom with a daughter to a second marriage that blended my family with my husband’s; and from parent to grandparent. Professionally, I’ve evolved from teaching to research, from research to consulting, and from consulting to coaching. A quiet constant in my life has been the pull of the creative impulse, expressed through writing, visual arts, and photography.
I know first-hand the signs of burnout and stress, conflicting demands of work and personal life, and feelings of disconnect between dreams and reality.  

  • Are the demands of daily life depriving your deepest aspirations? I can help you attend to those deeper longings.
  • Do you sometimes feel like you are living someone else’s agenda? I can help you align your efforts to your own values, goals, and actions.
  • Have you ever suspected you are missing some important competencies? I can help you identify needed skills, cultivate self-awareness, develop professional competence, and gain a sense of personal mastery.

Together, we’ll create a co-equal coaching relationship that illuminates paths for authentic self-development, leading to greater satisfaction and positive change in life and at work.


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