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Clients Talk About Their Experiences with Janet


From the very first session, without meeting her in person, Janet immediately established a "connection" between us. The manner and tone of her voice were professional, and at the same time personal, which immediately established an atmosphere of trust. The question and comments Janet posed were thought-provoking and enabled me to look beyond the surface and analyze what had been there, dormant, just waiting to be explored. She had the ability to get me to focus. The sessions have been very productive for me and I truly enjoyed and gained from them.

Former Manager, World Bank

While I was pleased to have the opportunity, I was somewhat hesitant about entering into this coaching experience.  I thought it would be yet one more appointment added to my calendar during a very busy work period. It turned out to be the most valuable way I could have spent my time. Janet’s straightforward style and concrete, specific questions helped me get clarity about my professional goals for the coming year. I was able to put a useful, clear plan in place and set up a system to monitor it. Our meetings were productive and always ended with specific tasks that I could do to prepare for the next session and ensure that I accomplished my goals. I have completed my comprehensive exams for my PhD and now am ABD, as they say! That was part of the plan Janet helped me put together! I have also been promoted from manager to Assistant Professor.

Marsha Lewis, Assistant Professor,
Voinovich School for Leadership and Public Affairs, Ohio University

Oftentimes, our coaching sessions began with a relaxation technique, especially when I felt a situation was out of control or my workload was overwhelming. Taking time to calm down in the quietness of my own office and listen to my breathing pattern helped me to relax and regain my focus.

Manager, Private For-Profit Corporation

Janet’s coaching helped me develop strategies for dealing with my upcoming leave and for improving my management skills. I learned from this experience that I tended to be more negative about my performance than I should have been. Now I give myself more credit for what I do right and I am better at having staff take over certain work responsibilities. It was particularly helpful to review how I addressed certain issues and to learn to slow down to take time to think. Janet is very insightful and she helped me focus on my strengths and weaknesses in order to improve performance.

Sara Boyd, Senior Project Manager,
Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, Ohio University

Janet helped me to create a five-year plan for my goals, establish better balance between life and work, and reflect on and learn more from my actions. I developed strategies to manage change in the workplace and discovered that some things work out on their own. It was most helpful to me to actually exercise some of the tools/strategies I had known, but had not taken the time to do so. I liked that Janet followed my cues and ideas for where to take the conversation and what areas to address and talk about.

Eva Aspegren, Manager,
Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, Ohio University

Janet’s coaching sessions have been very helpful to our staff. They have helped us as an organization to develop innovative projects, expand our services to the region and the state, and enhance our student applied learning mission. The coming year is going to be one of the most challenging periods in our history given the country’s and the state’s economic condition. The coaching sessions will help us through this.

Mark Weinberg, Director,
Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, Ohio University
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